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Trees Wanted Dead Or Alive
Elm, Ash, Oak, Box Elder,1 tree or a 1000, large or small we want them all.
Free Tree Removal --- for more information
(stump grinding or removal extra)

There's never a good replacement for quality firewood, demand the best

Never buy mixed hardwoods
Forget those OVER PRICED Bundles

   Were working on this if you have some input you would like to share please shoot us an email

We do not sell firewood site is for information only

For firewood service providers inside Maine see here


All good and ready to burn firewood has minimum of 12 months seasoning & clearly marked as to what species it is, if its a mix it should be noted, marked and priced as the lesser species

A loose stack of wood 16" wide 12ft long and 5ft high is about 1/3rd cord of wood, see front pile in picture , that pile was 5ft high 12ft long 16" wide when re-stacked properly it was a 1/3rd  of a cord. it took 3 of those 12'x5'x16" piles to make a cord


When a tree specialist tells you he doesn't know the kind or species  of wood he is selling for firewood he is either lying or he is not a specialist, there is a big difference in the amount of heat you get from one type of hardwood to another.
 Why You Need To Know



We want your  trees dead standing or alive

If you have trees that look like these  we will remove them at no cost. click on images below for a larger picture

conditions do apply

To the left is another simple dead tree clean out, 35 or so dead Elm trees with a number of old cars and old farming implements hidden within the stand of trees calling for a strategic tree fell

Seasoned Firewood
what it looks like and how to test for seasoning Firewood








Oak, Ash &Elm
are the top 3 best choices in Minot
In Minot Willow, Popular, Aspen are all hardwood but burn like pine not a good wood for winter months in the north, its fine for early fall, spring and the fire pit when camping. Box elder is one of my favorite woods to burn in Maine just not a good selection for deep winter heat.

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